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Groups are anywhere from 1 to 6 clients, where we have designated hours for clients to come in to train. Coaches will be circulating around gym to ensure proper technique, give tips, and take any questions. Each workout will be around 60 minutes long with a warm-up and specific exercises will be added in when needed to address specific problems. Whatever the goal is, we will help you get there. Whether that goal might be to add 50 pounds to a lift, lose 20 pounds for aesthetics, run a 5k or have the ability to bend down and pick something off the floor, we will write an individualized program to get you there.


  • Decrease Fat
  • Increase Strength
  • Slow Down Aging Process
  • Improve Cardiovascular function
  • Enhance activities of daily living
  • Rejuvenate your workouts
  • Enhance Sports game