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Rich and Will founded and started up Spectrum Strength Training in May 2017 following their graduation from West Chester University, receiving their Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology with concentrations in Biomechanics & Sports Performance. Both played football in college and found their passion for exercise during their undergraduate years at West Chester University. They were fortunate to learn from great mentors in the field through multiple internships with the Philadelphia Flyers, USA Volleyball & Water Polo, Haverford College and the University of Pennsylvania.

They have had every job imaginable in the fitness business ranging from Fitness floor attendants at front desks to shadowing at physical therapy clinics. Our experience ranges from professional athletes in the NBA and NHL to local celebrities, youth soccer teams to geriatric clients, from bodybuilders to the general population trying to lose weight. After graduation Rich and Will came to the Main Line to work with Cornerstone Management and open up their own gym. They both offer personal training, adult semi-private group training and run boot camps in the morning and night, and are for all ages. Whatever goal in mind we will help you achieve it.

Our Philosophy

We integrate training philosophies from Fitness Experts, Strength Coaches, Science-Based Training Principles, Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, movement efficiency, bodybuilding and posture experts. Through our rigorous education, internships (Flyers, USA Volleyball, UPENN, Haverford College) and previous employment opportunities, we have been exposed to everything along the health and wellness spectrum and kept what we have seen get real results. Continuing education is of the utmost importance in our field to give our clients the best training experience.

Each body has their own adaptation throughout the years, good or bad, thus each client presents a unique challenge to us, it is our job to problem solve and figure out what progresses each individual the quickest. There is an old adage which we train by, “there is more than one way to skin a cat.” This saying couldn’t be any closer to the truth as we see all training equipment (dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell, etc.) as a tool in our toolbox, to help achieve a desired training result. Here at Spectrum Strength Training, we believe in using time-tested in addition to new cutting edge methods to achieve results. Whether you are a youth, high school, college, weekend warrior, business executive, celebrity, or professional athlete, we can make an individual program that WORKS.

Our trainers

Our great team of trainers.
Will Huff

Owner, Performance Coach/Personal Trainer

Rich Bruno

Owner, Performance Coach/Personal Trainer

Bobby Huff

Performance Coach/Personal Trainer

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