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Why Spectrum Strength Training?

Spectrum Strength Training has a deep history of helping individuals improve their overall sports performance and health. We offer both in-person and online athletic development programs for the aspiring athlete and health enthusiast. Our leading trainers have their Masters in Exercise Physiology with concentrations in Biomechanics & Sports Performance. With more than 19 years experience in the fitness industry, we help athletes and individuals reach their goals.

Our Programs

Athlete Training

Personal Training/Semi Private Training

Adult Fitness Classes

Speed, Agility and Quickness Program

What Makes Us Great

Our education, experience and ability to understand athletes/goal oriented clients

Attention to detail and emphasis on technique

Our coaches have learned from the best in the field and created our own system and beliefs through experiences

We connect with our clients on a deeper level than other gyms and take the time to learn about their situation

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